NFO 2023 Recordings

New Faculty Orientation

Tuesday-Wednesday, August 15-16, 2023

Tenure Line Faculty

  • Navigating Rank and Tenure
    • Ian Gale, Professor, Department of Economics, College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
    • Robert Patterson, Professor, Department of African American Studies, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Jennie Bai, Professor, Department of Finance, McDonough School of Business ( MSB)
    • Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professors:
      • Marden Nichols, Department of Classics, College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
      • Sebastian Jilke, McCourt School of Public Policy (MSPP)
  • Research at Georgetown
    • Billy Jack, Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Economics, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Strategic and Academic Initiatives
    • Soyica Colbert, Vice President for Interdisciplinary Initiatives and Idol Family Professor | Diversity Requirement
    • David Edelstein, Vice Provost for Education | Academic Programs
    • Anita Gonzalez, Co-Founder of the Racial Justice Institute and Professor of African American Studies and Performing Arts, College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) | Racial Justice Inst
    • Lisa Singh, Director of the Massive Data Institute and Professor of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) | Tech and Society
    • Will Fleisher, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy | Center of Digital Ethics
    • Peter Marra, Dean, Lanudato Si Professor of Biology and The Environment | Earth Commons
  • Academic and Student Supports
    • Academic Resource Center:
      • Joseph Fisher, Executive Director, Academic Resource Center
    • Library Services:
      • Suzzane Chase, Head, Digital Scholarship and Technology Services
      • Ryan Johnson, Department Head, Research Services
    • Counseling and Psychiatric Services:
      • Durriya Meer, Director, Counseling and Psychiatric Service (CAPS)
      • Carol Day, Director, Health Education Services
    • Student Ombuds:
      • Daniela Brancaforte, Main Campus Student Ombuds

Non-Tenure Line Faculty

  • Introduction to Non-Tenure Line Faculty Policies and Framework
    • Barbara Schone, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Faculty Director, McCourt School of Public Policy
    • Kirsten Anderson, Teaching Professor, McDonough School of Business
    • Patrick Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Physics, College of Arts and Sciences